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Updated March 30, 2023 - 12:25 AM EDT
Zelensky: I May Have to 'Compromise' With Russia
  Russia Says Ukraine Using Longer-Range US-Provided Rockets
  US Wants International Tribunal to Prosecute Putin for War Crimes
China Warns Will Respond to Tsai-McCarthy Meet
  Chinese Think Tank: US S. China Sea Visits Serve Political Agenda
Israeli Airstrikes Wound 2 Soldiers in Damascus
  Israel Judicial Crisis: Netanyahu Dismisses 'Pressure' From Biden
Senate Votes to Repeal Iraq War AUMFs
Sen. Rand Paul to Block Hawley Bill to Ban TikTok
Saudi Arabia to Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
item TikTok Bills Could Dangerously Expand National Security State  by Marcus Stanley
item How US Campuses Became Militarized and Forgot the
War on Terror
 by Nazia Kazi
item The Pentagon's Budget From Hell  by William D. Hartung
item 20 Years Later: Confessions of a Conscientious Quitter  by Alexandria Shaner

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Iran May Set Deadline for Nuclear Talks, Says FM Amir-Abdollahian
Saudi Woman, Jailed Over Tweets, Launches Hunger Strike
China Settles First LNG Trade in Yuan
FIFA Removes Indonesia as Host U-20 World Cup Over Rejection of Israel's Participation
Azeri Foreign Minister Arrives to Open Israel Embassy
Is Israel's Far-Right Government Jeopardizing Emirati Ties?
Far-Right Mob Attack 'Leftist' Drivers in Israel
Israeli Settlers Call for Animal Sacrifices at Al-Aqsa for Passover
Two Farms Tell the Story of Agricultural Apartheid Facing Palestinians
Israel Urged to Release Palestine Prisoner Diagnosed With Cancer
Judicial Overhaul Chaos Threatens to Unravel Bibi's Legacy
Israel Launches New Spy Satellite, Overseen by Fired Defense Minister
Mosul Monastery Holds First Mass 20 Years After Iraq War
Anger in Iraq After Government Adviser's Accused Killer Disappears From Prison
Middle East
UAE Leader Designates His Son Khaled as Crown Prince
Swedish Court Finds Woman Guilty of War Crimes for Posing With Severed Heads in Syria
Bahraini Delegation Set to Visit Iran for Bilateral Talks
Lesotho Lawmakers to Debate Reclaiming Parts of South Africa
German Govt To Deploy Troops to Niger as Part of EU Mission
Senegalese Police Fire Tear Gas as Dakar Braces for More Protests
Calls Mount for Taliban to Free Girls' Education Activist
Taliban Official Asks US to Resume Diplomatic Presence in Afghanistan
Twitter Blocks Pakistan Govt's Account for Viewing in India
EU Removes Pakistan From List of High-Risk Countries
Chinese FM Called on Malaysia, Vietnam for Solidarity, as Beijing Seeks to Charm Southeast Asia
China Denounces US Congress for Hosting Tibet's Leader-In-Exile
US Aims to Counter China's Influence in Global Institutions, Yellen Says
Sri Lanka Slashes Fuel Prices After IMF Bailout, Says Minister
US Condemns Myanmar's Decision to Abolish 40 Political Parties
Peru President, Ex-President Probed for Alleged Money Laundering
Despite 'Coup,' Castillo Legal President of Peru: Mexico Leader
Latin America

Militants Kill Nine Soldiers in Attack on Colombia's Military

CIA Deputy Director Meets Paraguay's Abdo in Rare Visit
UN Atomic Watchdog Chief Returns to Ukraine Nuclear Plant
Ukraine Soviet-Era Famine Recognized as 'Genocide' by French MPs
Ukrainian Orthodox Worshippers Gather in Kyiv Monastery as Eviction Looms
Chechen Fighters Sign Deal With Ukraine to Form All-Chechen Brigade to Fight Russians
Poland Promises Relief as Ukrainian Grain Floods Market, Sinks Prices
Spain to Send Six Tanks to Ukraine After Easter
Zelensky Invites Chinese Counterpart Xi Jinping to Visit His Country
Ukraine Says IOC Retreating on Principles Over Russian Athletes
Russian Embassy Says US Wants to Play Down Involvement in Nord Stream Blasts
Russia Lobbies Iraq to Open Airspace for Military Flights to Syria
Russia Starts Yars Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Drills
Despite Sanctions, EU Keeps on Doing Business With Russia
Russia Says Its Suspension of Nuclear Pact Is Not Impacted by US Data Move
Russia's Wagner Chief Says Battle for Bakhmut Has Damaged His Forces
Jail Time for Single Father 'Unfair': Russia's Wagner Chief
Sweden Becomes 'Legitimate Target' by Joining NATO, Russian Envoy Says
EU Allies Query Estonia's Bumper Refund From Weapons to Ukraine
Terror Suspects Offered Money to Target Jewish Site in Greece
Hungary Says 'Grievances' Hold Up Ratification of Sweden's NATO Accession
Spanish Judge Releases Fugitive Catalan Euro MP
Sweden Summons Russia's Ambassador Over 'Legitimate Target' Statement
Moldova Seeks Sign on EU Accession Talks by Year-End
Portugal Muslim Center Stabbings Not Seen as Terror Attack
UK to House Thousands of Asylum Seekers in Ex-Military Bases
The War at Home
Top US General Warns of High Ammo Use in Event of Major War
Rare Lizard Species Stress-Eats to Cope With Loud Military Aircraft in Colorado
Space Force Seeks $60 Million for 'Tactically Responsive Space
Military Members File Claims for Fuel in Hawaii Navy Water
Raytheon Awarded $1.2 Billion US Army Patriot Missile System Contract
The DEA Bought Customer Data From Rogue Employees Instead of Getting a Warrant
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