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Updated July 20, 2024 - 12:47 PM EDT
Israeli Air Strikes Target Yemen's Hodeidah Port
  Houthis Claim Deadly Drone Strike on Tel Aviv
  Ben Gvir Makes Provocative Visit to Al-Aqsa
Netanyahu Visits Israeli Troops in Rafah
  ICJ: Israeli Presence, Settlements in Occupied Palestine 'Unlawful'
  Netanyahu Blocks Order To Build Field Hospital for Gaza Children
  230 Congressional Staffers Sign Letter Protesting Netanyahu's Speech
  Democratic Party Platform Backs Biden's Approach to Gaza
Russia Says May Deploy Nukes in Response to US
  Russia: 'Let's Be Realistic' on Chances of Trump Ending Ukraine War
Blinken Supports Restoring Iran Nuclear Deal
US Involved in 196 Ops Against ISIS in 2024
Kenyan Soldiers Patrol Haiti in US Armored Vehicles
South Korea Opposition Aims To Stop Taiwan Entanglement
item When Supporting Israel Is a Liability: Is Gaza Changing the West?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Getting Rid of Netanyahu Is Not Enough  Interview with Gideon Levy
item Could a Change in Tone Lead to Peace Talks in Ukraine?  by Ted Snider
item The True Purpose of NATO Remains US Hegemony  by Yves Engler

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UN Food Supplies Into Sudan's Famine-Threatened Darfur Stranded
Ukraine Government Proposes First Wartime Tax Hikes To Fund Defense
Israel's West Bank Policy Is Dooming Two-State Solution: UN Sec. General
Russian Troops Strike Ukrainian Military Airfield Infrastructure Over Past Day
Kremlin Says It Sees 'Concentrated Presence' of NATO Warships in Black Sea as a Threat to Russia
Russia Says Armenia's Warmer Ties With NATO Risk Destabilizing Wider Region
Russian Attacks Kill Five in Eastern Donetsk Region, Ukraine Says
Russia Warns EU Chief's Plans for New Defense Union Signal Confrontation
Ukraine Says Still Fighting on Dnipro River Left Bank
In Show of Support, UK's Starmer Invites Ukraine's Zelensky To Attend Cabinet
UK Defense Firms Discuss Boosting Support for Ukraine With Zelensky
Bavarian Firm To Deliver Kamikaze Drone to Ukraine's Kraken Special Unit
Ukraine Clears Law on Suspending Debt Payments, Resumes Formal Bondholder Talks
United Kingdom
GBP1 Billion Subsidy for UK Arms Company Exposed
Pro-Gaza Independent Candidates Hit Back Over Labour Claims of Intimidation and Abuse
UK Adds 11 Designations to Russia Sanctions List
UK-Turkey Relations on Course as First Starmer-Erdogan Meeting Goes Well
Armenia, Azerbaijan Accuse Each Other of Rejecting Meeting at UK Summit
Decades After Division Cypriots Still Hope for Unity
New York National Guard and Sweden Enter Military Partnership
France Targets People Posing 'Security Threat' Ahead of Olympics
Hungary Believes Intensity of Conflict in Ukraine Will Soon Escalate Radically: Orban
Italy Carrier Strike Group Joins Australia War Games, Will Visit Philippines
Serbian Police Officer Shot Dead, Minister Blames Kosovo
Bangladesh Suspends Mobile Internet, Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
Photos: Bangladesh Job Quota Protesters Call for Nationwide Shutdown
Bangladesh Protesters Set State TV HQ Ablaze as Toll Mounts, Internet Cut
South Korea Restarts Propaganda Broadcasts Across Border in Reaction to North's Balloon Launches
Seoul Warns North Korean Landmines Can Be Swept Into South by Flooding
Taiwan Says Committed To Strengthening Defense After Trump Comments
What's Behind Pakistan's Move To Ban Imran Khan's PTI?

Former New Zealand Leaders Speak Out After PM Talks of Making Military 'Force Multiplier' for US

US Opens Embassy in Vanuatu, Latest Step in China Competition
Gaza Health Facilities Struggle With Daily Mass Casualties
Gaza Conflict Is a 'War on Women,' Says UN Official
Poliovirus Detected in Gaza Sewage: Gaza, Israel Health Ministries
Flies and Mosquitoes Feast on Gaza's Waste Crisis
Sleeping Hungry as Famine Afflicts Northern Gaza
'Ten Out of 26 UN Health Centers Operational in Gaza': UNRWA
Footage Appears To Show Israeli Strike on Donkey Cart Pulling Civilians
Attacks on Red Sea Shipping Bankrupt Israeli Port
Palestinian Factions Join Hamas To Condemn HRW's 'Israel Bias'
Palestinian Mental Health Crisis: Effects of Long-Term War
Israel Prison 'Incommunicado' Detention of Palestinians Must End: Amnesty
White House: Biden Expecting To Meet Netanyahu Next Week

Saudi Arabia Rejects, Condemns Israeli Security Minister's Visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound

'Disregard for Human Life': Oxfam Slams Israel for Weaponizing Water, Starvation

'Slap for Trump, Victory for Biden': Ben-Gvir Suggests Ceasefire Talks Be Delayed
Five Israeli Police Officers Charged With Negligence for Throwing Stun Grenades at Protesters
Paramilitary Support Depots Explode in Baghdad
US Renews Sanctions Waiver to Iraq To Buy Electricity From Iran
Civilian Killed by Turkish Airstrike in Iraqi Kurdistan's Duhok
Two Sudanese Red Crescent Volunteers Killed in Sennar State
US To Give Another $203 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Sudanese
Displaced Sudanese Eat Dirt To Survive, Children Too Tired To Cry Says US Envoy to UN
UAE's Sheikh Mohammed Extends Support to Sudan To End Crisis
South Sudan
South Sudan Launches Evacuation Campaign for Nationals in Sudan
240 Violence Incidents, 468 Deaths Occurred in South Sudan: UN
South Sudan's Kiir Meets Sudan Paramilitary Commander Over Oil Security Concerns
A Kenyan Court Suspends a Police Ban on Protests in Nairobi
Why Is Kenya's Ruto Accusing the Ford Foundation of Stoking Protests?
The War at Home
VA Projects $15 Billion Shortfall Driven by Costs for Veterans Benefits, Prescription Drugs and a Bigger Workforce
Families of US Troops Killed in Kabul Airport Bombing Criticize Biden
Family of Aircraft Carrier Sailor Who Died by Suicide Files Lawsuit
Navy Exonerates Black Sailors Punished in 1944 Explosion
Mental Health Program for 'Vulnerable' Troops Misses 70%
Senate DOOBIE Act Would Overlook Past Marijuana Use in Feds' Hiring, Security Clearances
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